Welcome to the website of Skipulagsstofnun, the Icelandic National Planning Agency

The Icelandic National Planning Agency is a state authority responsible for the administration, monitoring and implementation of the Planning and Building Act (in Icelandic), the Envirornmental Impact Assessment Act (EIA)
and the Strategic Environmental Assessment Act (SEA) in Icelandic.

Among the main roles of the National Planning Agency is to give advice on planning and building issues, assist local authorities in preparing spatial plans and to review spatial plans produced by local authorities. The National Planning Agency also oversees the implementation of the EIA Act and provides guidelines in accordance with it. The Agency determines according to art. 6 and Annex II of the Act whether a project is subject to environmental impact assessment. Regarding projects that are always subject to an EIA according to art. 5 and Annex I of the Act the Agency makes a decision on the developer's scoping document proposal and finally gives an opinion on the proposed project and resulting activities, based on the developer's environmental impact statement (EIS). In this process it is the Agency's role to make the scoping document proposal as well as the Initial Environmental Statement (IEIS) known to the public and to give the public the opportunity to comment and contribute information before the Agency issues its decision on the scoping document proposal and opinion on environmental impact assessment of a project.

The Agency regularly organizes conferences, seminars and courses and publishes guidelines and reports.

If you need further information or assistance, please contact:

The Icelandic National Planning Agency
Laugavegi 166, 150 Reykjavík

Tel: +00354 595-4100, fax: 595-4165

Email: skipulagsstofnun@skipulagsstofnun.is

Opening hours are 8.00 -16.00 Monday to Friday

Acts of Law

Translation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Act No. 106/2000 w. amendment No. 74/2005.

In Icelandic: the Planning Act No. 123/2010 which replaced the Planning and Building Act no. 73/1997
Translation of the now abolished Planning and Building Act No. 73/1997 w. amendments No. 135/1997 and 58/1999

(Please note that amendments No. 117/1999, 170/2000 and 70/2001 are missing in this translation.)
The Strategic Environmental Assessment Act No. 105/2006 ( in Icelandic)